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Find the correct word

1.This is the place in a shop where you change into clothes to see if they are suitable for you before paying for them = fgtiitn rmoo
2.This is a person in a clothes boutique whose job is to give you advice and maintain the displays = spho atasinsts
3.This word describes clothes that have not been put together using machines but instead by traditional craftsman methods = haadendm
4.This is a material made from the skin of an animal that has been through the tanning process; used for making things like shoes, bags and coats = lethera
5.This is a general word that means cloth or woven textile that what an item of clothes is made of = friabc
6.This clothing word means whether an item of clothes can be cleaned or not, and with what method = whabasle
7.This is a hard wearing blue textile made into such things as jeans and overalls = dnime
8.This word means to become smaller or make something become smaller by cleaning it = snkhri
9.This is a man made thread which is made into fibres and then into clothing = pyesolter
10.This word means to replace clothes with another item if the original was damaged in some way = engexach

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