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hangars   air bases   landing pad   railway stations   air carrier   seaplane base   luggage   docks   heliport   general aviation  

Airplanes must have airports just as ships need __________ and trains have to have __________. It is the place where passengers arrive at or leave when they travel by air. It also includes areas for the aircraft to be loaded or unloaded of __________, to be fuelled, and stored in __________.
Airports vary in size. The largest and the busiest ones, called __________ airports, are situated near capital cities and large population centres. Major international airports include Heathrow in London, Frankfurt Airport in Germany, and John F. Kennedy International and La Guardia in New York City.
The smaller facilities that serve private planes are known as __________ airports while those airports used by the military are called __________ or airfields.
A __________ is an airport for the type of airplanes that can take off and land on water. It may be on a river or a lake, on even sited on coastal waters.
An airport which serves only helicopters is called a __________. The flexibility of this form of transport means that they need very little land and as a result some heliports are on the roofs of such buildings as hospitals. A helicopter __________ needs space that is no larger than half a football pitch.

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